- This guide is for the users who cannot access Google Play.

  (Please install G-Ignition Mobile from Google Play, if you can access Google Play.)

- Please pair with your Android device via Bluetooth before you install G-Ignition Mobile.

[Supported monitor]


[Compatible devices]

BLE (Bluetooth low Energy) compatible Android devices
Android 4.4 and up
Huawei Ascend Mate7 are not compatible.
- Please update Android to 6.0.1 if Android 6.0.0 is installed to your device.


1.  Before you install G-Ignition Mobile, enable installations from Unknown Sources

(1) Open "Settings".
(2) Open "Security" or "Application".
(3) Check "Unknown Sources".
(4) Confirm the displayed message and tap "OK".

2.  Install G-Ignition Mobile

Please download the installer file (.apk) from the following link.

(1) Open the Android Notification Bar after the download is complete.
(2) Tap the installer file (.apk).
(3) Confirm the message and tap "Install".
(4) Tap "Done" when the installation is complete.
(5) Unckeck "Unknown Sources" on the Android system menu.

The installation is complete.