G-Ignition Software

FORIS monitor control software with EIZO's own cloud service, G-Ignition Drive.  With this software and its cloud service, FORIS owners can adjust gaming presets (monitor settings) and can store or import the gaming presets by game title. As well as share them over the social networks. In addition, gaming presets from EIZO-sponsored professional gaming team Ninjas in Pyjamas are available on G-Ignition Drive.

*Support for the following will soon end. Click for more details.
G-Ignition Drive and POP-UP
​G-Ignition Mobile


G-Ignition Ver 3.0 for Windows

  • EIZO's own cloud serivce, G-Ignition Drive, is now available
  • Windows 10 Support
  • New UI and UX design for gaming: FORIS owners can now store and import gaming presets by game title
  • Compatible with FORIS FS2735

*G-Ignition Ver 3.0 requires a graphic card with OpenGL 3.0 or above. It does not work on Intel GMA series.


G-Ignition Mobile


G-Ignition Mobile for Smartphones

G-Ignition Mobile is the world’s first smartphone app for an LCD monitor. It works with Bluetooth Smart technology built into EIZO’s new FORIS FS2735 gaming monitor.



*G-Ignition Mobile support has ended. See here for more details.
*Updating to G-Ignition Mobile Ver. 1.4.0 on Android will remove the ability to purchase POP-UP notification characters from the Google Play Store. Previously purchased POP-UP characters can continue to be used unaffected.

For the Android version if you cannot use Google Play, please install .Apk file from here.

How to adjust monitor to play FPS games by a Japanese pro gamer, Shaka (English subtitle)