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The EIZO Showmatch series will put Fnatic players against other top tier talent from around the globe. Fnatic players will go head-to-head to defend the weekly bounty of a FS2333 Monitor provided by EIZO. If the Fnatic player survives, then they will continue to the next match, however if they lose the next Fnatic player will step up!

For the second edition Naama will be defending the EIZO FS2333 from Morrow in a best-of-7 showmatch on Sunday, 24th of November at 19:00 CET. Naama has been practising hard the last few months and it will by no means be easy for Morrow to take the win against the Finnish Terran. 


- 23" 1920 × 1080 native resolution 
- IPS Panel 
- Dual HDMI and PC inputs 

>>> FORIS FS2333 product page