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 EIZO Showmatch: Zanster vs Heromarine

The EIZO Showmatch series will put Fnatic players against other top tier talent from around the globe. Fnatic players will go head-to-head to defend the weekly bounty of a FS2333 Monitor. If the Fnatic player survives, then they will continue to the next match, however if they lose the next Fnatic player will step up!

For the first edition Zanster will be defending the EIZO FS2333 from Heromarine in a best-of-7 showmatch on Monday, 28th of October at 19:00 CET. Both players have made their mark on the scene as of late, and both are ready to go for Monday's showdown. Pughy will be casting the entire event on his twitch channel featuring special guests throughout the event!



Boost your gaming performance with the FORIS FS2333. Featuring EIZO’s all-new Smart Insight technology, the FS2333 brings out the details in dark areas like no other gaming monitor before it so you can spot your opponent before he spots you.