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Hammers Esports is a professional multi-esport organization heavily involved with the esports Vainglory and Critical Ops, as well as Battlerite and Overwatch. They use EIZO’s FORIS FS2735 monitors for all their practicing and competitions.

The FORIS FS2735 is a 27 inch, high resolution IPS panel monitor, with 144 Hz refresh rate and low input lag. Hammers Esports considers it to be “the best monitor in the world,” saying that “it just feels great to play on.”

“No matter what angle you look from the image is always crystal clear and the colors are accurate,” they say. “It’s so easy for me to see every single detail in-game on my screen.”

But the FORIS FS2735 isn’t just great for gaming, “when I’m not gaming the FORIS is the perfect tool for me to use on video editing;” Perfect for the highly creative Hammers Esports team.

Watch the video below and see for yourself just how much Hammers Esports loves the FORIS FS2735. 




- 144 Hz IPS Panel
- FreeSync Compatible
- Amazing In-Game Visibility

>>> FORIS FS2735 product page