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In this guide, FORIS FG2421 and FS2434 users can learn how to improve and customize in-game visibility by adjusting their monitor's color settings with EIZO G-Ignition software. 


How an EIZO-Sponsored Pro Gamer Adjusts EIZO Monitors

League of Legends Setting by Fnatic YellowStar

Monitor:FORIS FS2434

Download Fnatic Color Files

Basic Color Adjustment Guide by EIZO  

  1. Install the latest G-Ignition software from the download page and connect the monitor and the PC via a USB cable.
  2. Start games with "Windowed Mode" before adjusting the monitor with G-Ignition software.
  3. Open the G-Ignition menu and select the "Color Adjustment" tab.
  4. Select "User" mode and click “Color” button. (We recommend using “User” mode for color adjustment. Also, only "User" mode can export monitor settings.)
  5. Adjust game color with G-Ignition software.
Recommended Settings for Better In-Game Visibility
1. Brightness

We recommend adjusting "Brightness" first because the brightness dramatically changes your in-game visibility. A bright screen gives more visibility but sometimes makes your eyes tired. If your eyes feel tired from playing games, lowering the brightness sometimes solves the issue.

2. Color Temperature

This setting changes the overall color of the screen. A commonly-used value is 6500 K. The screen appears reddish if you lower the value and bluish if you raise the value. A lower value is better for your eyes because it reduces blue light.

3. Smart Insight 2 (Only Available with FS2434)

Smart Insight 2 dramatically improves the visibility in dark area of the screen. The higher the value, the more Smart Insight 2 improves visibility. For comepetitive games, we recommend a higher value for maximum in-game visibility. If you like natural color, you can turn off Smart Insight 2 or switch to another color mode. 

4. Gamma

A commonly-used value is 2.2. A lower value makes the screen in dark areas brighter whereas a higher value makes the screen darker. To improve the visibility in dark areas, we recommend lowering the gamma value. However, we recommend using Smart Insight 2 with the FS2434 for better results.

5. Saturation (Only Available with FS2434)

A higher value produces more vivid color. To improve in-game visibility, we recommend increasing the color saturation for competitive gaming. If you like natural color, set the value to "0" (default value).

Export and Save Your Settings

Your settings will be automatically saved to the monitor. But when adjusting the monitor for another game title, your previous settings will be overwritten. Therefore use other User modes or export your settings before you overwrite your previous settings. 

  1. Open the Color Adjustment tab to export monitor settings
  2. Select the User mode that you want to export.
  3. Click “Export” and the file menu appears.
  4. Specify the filename and click “Save”.
  5. You can import the saved data from the "Import" menu.