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Setting Up On-Screen Notification Icons

Whenever you receive a call, e-mail, or other communication on your smartphone, G-Ignition Mobile will post a notification icon on the FORIS FS2735 screen. For gamers who prefer colorful and animated notifications or “POP-UPs,” (sold separately) we offer PAC-MAN and other characters from classic BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. games for download. They are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

1. Associating POP-UPs with Apps
2. Buying a New POP-UP
3. POP-UP Transfer


1. Associating POP-UPs with Apps

By associating a POP-UP with an app displayed in the notification area of your smartphone, a POP-UP will be displayed on the monitor when you get a notification from the associated app.

(1) Tap the notification icon on the menu bar of G-Ignition Mobile.

(2) Select an app in the notification area.

(3) Select a POP-UP to associate with the app.

(4) Tap the "Transfer" button.


2. Buying a New POP-UP

A POP-UP can be changed after purching a new POP-UP.
Note: An internet connection is neccessary to purchase a POP-UP.

(1) Tap "POP-UP"  in the "NOTIFICATION" menu.

(2) Tap the POP-UP which you want to purchase in the "STORE" area.

(3) After confirming the preview image of the POP-UP, tap the price button and purchase the POP-UP in accordance with the message.

3. POP-UP Transfer

After transferring the POP-UP data, the new POP-UP is displayed on the monitor when you get a notification.
Note: Purchasing information of the POP-UP is not shared between iOS and Android.

(1) Tap the "Transfer" button to display the transfer menu. Select the transfer host. (by selecting "for Windows", the POP-UP is transferred faster.)

(2) If you select "Mobile", please wait until the POP-UP transfer is finished. If you select "for Windows", please continue to step (3).

(3) After selecting "for Windows", the required information is transferred to the monitor. After completing the transfer, tap "Yes" in the confirmation message.

(4) Open G-Ignition for Windows (hereafter called G-Ignition) after connecting your monitor and your PC via a USB cable. G-Ignition must be installed in your PC.
Note: G-Ignition version 3.0.1 or later is neccessary.
Note: An Internet connection is neccesssary.

(5) Click the "POP-UP transfer" icon on the G-Ignition menu bar.

(6) Click "Log in" to display the Login screen. Input your e-mail address and password then click the "Login" button.

(7) Confirm that the POP-UP and the monitor is correct, and click the "Start Transfer" button. The POP-UP transfer starts.

(8) The new POP-UP is at the ready after completing the POP-UP transfer.

  • Don Vincenzoo LBC

    have to buy pop up when the monitor cost 1000€ ….. a little greedy LOL